An Inseparable Bond


Back in mid October, I headed off to the Staffordshire borders to photograph Jamie, her mum and their three horses. On the most gorgeous livery yard ever. We had so much choice for backgrounds, from a photographers dream of a big country house (understatement) maize crops, grass fields, stone walls, stubble fields and leafy woods.

Jamie booked the shoot back in the summer month of August and booked the all inclusive package, all of those lovely images digitally and printed lustre to go into the gorgeous box.

First of all we did Jamie’s horse of a lifetime, Yani. Yani definitely kept us both on our toes with her huge personality and let us know (well, Jamie certainly knows by now) she was going to be the star of the show regardless of whoever else was involved!

Yani and Jamie have one heck of a story, so I couldn’t let it not be told.

Yani (little bay) a Morgan x TB was one of a twin so a hard start to life as the only survivor, this definitely hasn’t stopped her.
Jamie’s mum wasn’t keen on Yani, she was a bit of a nutter! (In Jamie’s words!)
Jamie knew that she was the one for her regardless, so 11 years down the line, doing every event they can.
Yani likes to be interested and isn’t a huge fan of the school.

Jamie says “Yani loves to be out and about, ideally eating on the way too! She can be persuaded to do anything if there is food involved! She loves hacking and despises the school! Any task that she needs to be calm and obedient for she will try and avoid!”

Unfortunately her health has deteriorated and this has brought an end to ridden work this year. Jamie is hoping they can go for the odd hack to keep her ticking over. Even with her health issues Yani is still full of life and I fear will not be calming down anytime soon.

Jamie said she enjoyed most about the shoot, how Yani was herself so much, it was so flexible and relaxed!

We also shot with Jamie’s mums dressage diva Lady (big dark bay) who just adored being a model and new arrival Sark (bright bay) the newest addition who was just the sweetest boy.

I have had the loveliest time on this shoot, it’s so nice to hear that Jamie is spoilt for choice!



Martha x

If you’d like your own shoot, drop me a message and we can get a date organised.


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