Confidence on a personal branding photoshoot



Confidence on a personal branding photoshoot.
Guest blog from energy alignment practitioner Tracy Langley.

I worked with Tracy back in 2015 and did a full shoot. We did shots of her working, just being with the horses and then some inside of her mindset work and some headshots.

Tracy has booked in again for July to refresh her brand and I’m so excited.

Having a business photoshoot is something that needs to be right where a professional photographer wants to create a relationship with you and understand your business and you on a personal level. This helps them to create and plan the different shots.

We have all been guilty for thinking I’d love a photoshoot for my business. Then later looking into it and saying oh no that’s far too much money.
I have had a professional photographer at different price brackets. I can honestly say it’s noticeably different and I have learnt you get what you pay for.

Martha has built a relationship with me and we are gathering information and ideas for different images ready to refresh my business and keep it up to date as with life and business things are always moving and evolving.

Working closely has eased any worries or stress for on the day as we have an idea on how to utilise the time sufficiently.
I find it slightly awkward regards staying natural and relaxed during a normal photo with friends, so a photoshoot is very daunting.

I feel you need a connection with that photographer to help relax you and take your mind off being nervous. Building a relationship beforehand is a bonus then it feels like your just catching up with a friend and having fun. Also being a business owner it relieves the stress that Martha has established who I am and my vision.

I feel more relaxed in a natural outdoor environment and also the fun factor must come in to capture natural laughter and smiles.

There is such a difference between posed and natural pictures and I personally am drawn to someone’s post because they look natural.

Over the last five years Tracy has become a good friend. I’m now helping her with social media and how to post her images and get the most out of her shoot. Something I offer with all of my commercial shoots. Here I am showing her the vlogging world and we are setting a date.

I can’t wait to show you all the images after our next shoot.

You can find Tracy at

If you’re interested in a branding shoot here is my portfolio and you can contact me here

or on my facebook or instagram

Much love,

Martha x



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