How to manifest the photoshoot of your dreams


29/05/2020 updated 10/10/2021

So you’ve had your eyes on a photoshoot. So if you’re looking at a portrait session for you and your horse. This blog will give you some inspiration and could really help you manifest your photoshoot dreams.

One really simple and useful way to achieve this would be to save, here are a few tips!



It’s great to dream, visualise your perfect shoot. Your yard is the perfect setting, think about how many gorgeous cuddle shots you’ll get. Spending the day with your horse, looking and feeling like a boss. Keep thinking about it regularly. You’ll be surprised on how the how will just appear and become clear, here are some tips and tricks to get the ball rolling though!

How to save
How about saving those pennies and make this whole thing more special by treating yourself. Make yourself a payment plan (I do also offer payment plans more about that next)
£5/£10 a week and keep topping up that piggy bank. There’s nothing more satisfying for saving up for something you really want.

How about getting a stand at an equine car boot sale? Have a tidy up whilst saving for your dream photoshoot.
You’ll feel amazing for getting rid of all of those things that have been sat gathering dust in the tack room since you got your horse all those years ago.

You could do the same by selling online. Facebook marketplace is amazing lately. There’s also eBay, preloved and dedicated selling groups on Facebook.
You could also see if there’s non horsey things in your room you could do with getting rid of too! (If you’re under 18 do check with who bought the items before selling!)

Payment plans
I offer a range of custom payment plans to suit you.
I’m flexible all you need to do is message me to discuss. I want you to feel comfortable, this shoot is all about you and for you.

Ask for a voucher as a present

So it’s your birthday, a huge achievement or it’s christmas. How about asking family members and close friends to each get you a voucher towards a shoot or club together for a bigger value voucher. This will last you a lifetime over edible gifts etc. (although who doesn’t love an edible gift) Vouchers are available here Drop me a message and I can get one emailed or posted. My vouchers last a hugely long time of a whole year!


Finally and most predominantly It’s really important to see the value in a photoshoot. This isn’t one day you’ll have your shoot and then you get your photos and that’s it. Quite the opposite.
A photoshoot is a complete experience to chatting away to me about ideas both through dm and a video call.
From outfits to poses to ideas you’d just love to have with your horse or horses of a lifetime.

There’s no limit to how many of your gorgeous horses you have in a shoot. If you own 10 we will do 10. We can’t be leaving anyone out now can we! The same goes for dogs or any other pets you have. These are memories for you.

Then getting you and your horse gleaming and having the best time whether that’s posing or just chatting away and walking around with your horse. We can do both or if you want soley natural. I’ll just follow you around while you pat, groom, ride and just love your horse.

Then there’s the first view, the big reveal. Seeing yourself in a totally different light we spend so much time with these furry creatures. Covered in mud hay and probably feed slobber.
It’s nice to take a new view and immortalise that.

These photos will be photos you and generations on will be able to look and appreciate years and years on. These gorgeous creatures unfortunately aren’t with us forever. Let’s get them at their prime for you to appreciate always.

I’m sure you’ve got tonnes of ideas now if you have any questions on anything I’ve mentioned above or something completely random. Dm me on social media Instagram @marthalilyphotog or Facebook  or via the contact form.

I hope we can meet soon!
Martha x



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