Although this is scary for self employed and businesses alike. I have decided to take on a positive plan of action for all of this free time and lack of funds.

I’m calling it my “LOCKDOWN LET’S GET IT LIST” inspiring bit of alliteration there all to motivate me to do the little jobs that I don’t feel that need doing but I really ought to.

I have a contingency plan. ADMIN. It doesn’t sound quite so fun, I definitely prefer my title…

I am 100% certain that all businesses have those lists of things that could be done to improve things.

Tidying. Physically and online. So the office space and the computer all those folders that never quite made it to where they needed to be and then the website. Websites need updating way more than we think. We get so into our social media (which is great, don’t get me wrong!) However, our website is usually where actual clients will head for all of the answers they are seeking.

My phone seriously needs a sort out too, so many screenshots of ideas and pony photos. Over 6500 to be exact, I know.

Although we may feel that content will be limited if we are doing less or not working at all, this really isn’t the case. Check that overloaded phone full of photos and videos and your computer. Take new photos around the house or yard. Get scheduling some social media posts.

So, so far…

Tidy your office space



Update the website

Schedule social media posts

I’m also thinking I might take some portraits of my own ponies. Feeling so grateful we have an arena so they’ll be well schooled but with no where to go.

In regards to social media, it is going to be quite a dark and scary time for a lot of us, if not all of us. Can we all please try and not take ourselves too seriously online, let’s have a bit of fun, show each other our silly side, allow ourselves to be a bit vulnerable and cheer people up through something like dancing in the kitchen. Don’t forget the good ole funny memes too, who doesn’t love a meme.. or a fab little gif. I spend rather a lot of time perusing to find the perfect one.

I have a long list of other things I need to do for my business, the above ones are hopefully more vague and will inspire you to get going with something and I’m sure that it will inspire more to your “LOCKDOWN LET’S GET IT LIST” hehe, still makes me smile that title and that is definitely something we need to be doing with all of this scariness going on.

Also there is more to life than just business, I know crazy right?!

I may even become the next Mrs Hinch giving thee house a good clean. (maybe not)

We sure could pick up some new skills, not to say cleaning is on the top of the list.

I have a few good books on my shelves that I just never got around to reading, ironically Mrs Hinch’s Hinch yourself happy is next on the list.

I’ve almost finished ‘make it happen’ by Worcester based Victoria Knowles Lacks. Victoria sent me the loveliest voice note recently, social media is bringing us together in this time of need and I couldn’t be more grateful, it’s given me a warm fuzzy feeling.

As I’ve said on facebook & instagram lately and if we aren’t on strict lockdowns. If you are local I can happily bring things and if you are not if I can give any support online, I will. Just shout.

Look after yourselves, stay creative.

M x


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