Should you hire a professional for content?




I recently collaborated on a blog with the lovely Chloe Bucknell whom I regularly photograph to create content for. What started with a Insta DM one morning has blossomed into a really lovely both business relationship and a friendship. We bounce ideas and put the world to rights during our shoots and when we chat in between them.

Should you hire a professional for content?

In short, yes I a professional photographer think that it is worth hiring a professional that gets your vibe to create amazing content for you. Images with that connection and wow factor will slow the scroll (which is exactly what you want!) and encourage engagement on that piece of content you’ve spent so long on.

I think everyone should have a photoshoot at least once. I can’t be held liable for when you get the bug and want them super regularly though, I definitely got the bug too and am in the process of booking my second shoot. It definitely depends on who you are whether that’s a brand or a blogger, full time or part time. I’ll always help my clients as much as I can with ideas for captions for those 100,200+ images I don’t want to leave people in the lurch so to say and help them to create amazing content with those images I provide.

I try and help my clients and followers through skype, dm and free IGTV Tip Tuesday videos
Self portraits on your phone – watch video
Edit photos on your phone – watch video
User generated content – watch video

Let’s talk cost.

Images taken by a photographer show that you’re willing to invest in yourself and your brand and it really shows that level of professionalism and a premium  account/brand/blogger. Someone that is dedicated and willing and that brand will also be spending more on other things like the products. Everyone obviously has different thoughts on what is expensive and what isn’t. However, it’s the value you’re getting from that photoshoot that’s important.

Imagine you have a 2 hour shoot at £300.

You then recieve 200 amazing images, that then comes out less than £1.50 per photo and is so much less than a take out drink.

200 photos could easily last you a year if you were posting regularly, inbetween using your own content such as behind the scenes, flat lays and even user generated images.

It’s really important to take your own photos too. Although it would be amazing to have your own photographer follow you around, that really wouldn’t be good value.


If you’re interested in booking a shoot or have some questions you can contact me here


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