Meet the Event Photography Team


We began MLP’s event side of the business in 2015 (four years after starting MLP with portraits)
Having three of my own horses, and having been a photographer since 2011 at quite a young age photographing horses really has become a part of me.
As a rider myself, I know what kind of photo’s I’d like. I love my job and my wonderful team.
My mum, Debbie prints in our Lorry (Margot) she has a wonderful way with people, having been a self employed hair dresser for many years, she does both which is super admirable. Mum is very creative and driven.
My younger sister Nancy takes photos for us at many events and she has a fantastic eye.
Stu, also known as my dad. May not be seen at many events but has helped us so much with technical bits and pieces in Margot and we call him technical support. When we first started dad did a bit of printing for us. He works as a newspaper and magazine printer as his main job and used to  have a big interest in photography and home videos when I was younger.
Marvellous Meg. Meg wondered up our lorry ramp one tuesday night show jumping to see if we needed any other photographers and well, the rest is history. Meg takes fantastic photo’s and often get’s a different angle which brings a freshness to our work. She too has a horse.
Ben. I met Ben on a rare occasion that I was competing and he was the official photographer. I went over to ask him to take 100,s and he did. He puts up with so much craziness from us girls and we love him!
Clare prints at many events for us too and is my mums friend. Friend’s can be so useful can’t they?! I love Clare’s outlook on life and her friendly, happy go lucky outlook on life. She’s so easy to work with and is almost like a second Deb at events.
Annabel. Annabel is also my brand ambassador and very succesful to competing at badminton grass roots and many other amazing events. Annabel throws herself in at anything and I am so grateful for her. She prints, delivers food and suncream. She is so so helpful. Even between her phases eventing!
I have a few lovely other photographers that come and go, Charlotte, Daisy and most recently Jess. So many lovely people help us at the bigger events too. Cat with her amazing card running and crepe deliveries.
I could not do it without my amazing team.


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