The seasons change and the memories, they last forever.



The seasons change and the memories, they last forever.

I was recently asked how images differ month by month for shoots. So I’ve collected a selection month by month to really show how the seasons change. You’ll be surprised by some months, I know I was looking at it all from a different perspective.

This shows that on a cloudy or sunny day and it can look like summer or winter.

Things to consider; there are so many varying factors, obviously the month and season. The weather, time of day, back drop etc. I’ve tried to include wider shots and with varying field/hedge natural backgrounds rather than walls and stables. You can achieve those at almost any shoot in any season.

Frost & snow shoots are harder with needing to check forecast and not be too far away hence so far I’ve just photographed mum at home. I also don’t tend to photograph in January much anymore. It’s a time to schedule in enquiry calls and get everyone booked in, do admin & have a bit of time with my own horses before the real shoot season commences.



frosty mornings, frost had melted on first one. Cloudy & second sunny pre 9am


very cold sunny early morning approx 9am


overcast day with sunny spells


sunny days


both bright overcast days with sunny spells


Sunny evening (golden hour) & over cast morning

JULY sunny evening  & sunny/cloudymorning & then next three all overcast cloudy days


bright overcast, cloudy evening with sunny spells  & sunny day & lastly cloudy with light intermittent rain



overcast day & sunny and windy!



both sunny with overcast spells


NOVEMBER true autumn colours come through now in certain places

first shoot bright overcast with sunny spells, second  & third  sunny.



Please don’t worry if it’s cloudy/overcast I can work my magic in so many different locations when nature gives us a big natural softbox to work with. Golden hour (evening sun) is beautiful but it definitely isn’t everything. I love all kinds of seasons and whether it’s sunny or cloudy. Your bond is always going to stand out.


My 2022 books are filling up super fast email or dm on Instagram to enquire!

Martha x x x



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