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When I first started out as an equine photographer, hearing this from a potential client used to fill me with dread. Am I too expensive? Am I charging too much? Who do I think I am?  Over the years, I’ve learned that our own perception of the value of something says a lot more about us, than it does about the item we are (or aren’t) considering buying. Money or ‘expensive’ is an opinion and that’s ok. We all have a different one on what we think is worth our hard earned money and what isn’t and if it isn’t, we say “wow that’s a lot of money” Thankfully, this isn’t something any of my clients have said.

I’d like to give people more of an informed decision when it comes to deciding if that photoshoot still seems a lot of money.

This isn’t going to be the shortest blog in the world but it’s one I know you’re going to want to read. So grab a cuppa and let’s get into it.

But what’s key to note here is value.
Whether you hold value in photoshoots or not.
I’m 99% sure. You have. A photo or two on your phone that you love.
That means, you value photos.
And why wouldn’t you? Memories of amazing days, family, friends, pets and amazing locations.

Why I charge what I do.
So my kit;
Cameras and lenses alone cost me £11,000
Cameras need replacing around every 3-4 years. It depends.
Lenses 5-7 years.
That’s not including batteries, memory cards, or filters (they protect those ‘expensive’ lenses) Which also need regular replacement.
Without these. I couldn’t do my job.

I have about 4 that are £100-£200 each. They are also so small. I consistently fear of losing them. Touch wood I haven’t yet.
So let’s say another £1,000 on those.

Cameras and lenses need fairly regular maintenance and sometimes fixing.
This can range from £200-£800 a go.

Bags, lighting, reflectors, tripods etc.

Computer/s + printers

Hard drives
£1800 total
£300 yearly minimum

Insurance £500
Website + hosting £600
Email £150

Software, software add-ons etc £500+
Training and building skills to always be the best that I can be £1,700+

Car, Insurance, servicing etc £3,000+

Wall art samples, mounts, print box samples, print media, postage envelopes etc £1000+

Office decor + storage £500 (paid once)

PR assistance £500+
Shows £1000+
Print media banners, flyers etc £400+

+University £9000 a year for 3 years.

Plus a basic wage to pay bills and basic necessities like food and tea. Treats for the horses, the cat and me. Because you know, life ha!

It’s important to note that I have put in years of work on improving and honing in my skills in so many ways. Mainly being the photographer I’d want to book.
Not to mention all of the other things that go with being your own boss and *doing it all*
I absolutely love my job. All jobs come with costs. But for when it’s just little old me on a photoshoot.

This is all before you’ve even set your eyes on that dream photo to print and hang proud in your home.

I know it’s a lot, phew.
I want to be as open and honest as I can be and help you understand my world.

I’m an expert in my niche and I hope through blogs like these I can let you into the photographer world and really get a feel for why we charge what we do.

That’s not even mentioning the value of photos. But that’s for another blog.

Now I need a cuppa!

Much love Martha.

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